jane austen

jane austen

unpublished and unfinished

at her death in 1817, jane austen left a handful of unpublished works, including persuasion and northanger abbey, and her final novel, sanditon, was unfinished. a tv miniseries completes the story of a spirited young woman (naturally) and her visit to a seaside resort.

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"decorative figure on an ornamental background," oil painting by henri matisse, 1925-26.

150 years of henri matisse

happy birthday to the 20th-century french artist! throughout his decades-long career, matisse often pursued the expressiveness of line and colour in a variety of media, including paintings and cut-paper compositions.

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travel back to a time when california was still a mysterious land, the united states did not exist, and electricity was a new discovery. digitized for our valued subscribers, we鈥檝e curated some of the best of the original 2,500 pages, with articles and engravings.

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polar bears

polar bear

animals in a cold climate

did you know that in the arctic there are no reptiles? and that most of the birds live there only in the summer? learn more about the few species that inhabit the northernmost--and one of the coldest--regions on earth.

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